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Wednesday, August 20, 2003  

Tisket, Tasket, Who’s Got A Basket?

Purchased at Otter Creek and made by Lantern Moon , this traditional rice basket is part of a project for Vietnamese women to earn income. Featured in recent knitting magazines, it is made from 100% natural and renewable materials. I like it because it can fold down, is lightweight and as I purchased the larger version, holds a ton of yarn. I would buy a second one, given the chance.

By the way, the scented linen waters I use were purchased. Although I grow herbs, I have never distilled my own water. One my sister bought and I purchased the 2nd at Restoration Hardware. Try googling “scented linen water” for a resource best for you!

Today’s Knitting News
I still need to snap Grace, so instead I thought I would mention a new yarn, Ava, from Dale that is shown stacked in my new basket. “We (Dale) have recently added two trend yarns, Sisik and Ara. Sisik is a light, soft, worsted weight tweed in a wool, mohair, acrylic, viscose blend. Ara is a thick and thin printed 100% wool, bulky weight yarn.” It is reminiscent of Colinette Point 5, although on a smaller needle (size 7 or 8 US according to the label and 10 ½ or 11 US according to the web site). The brilliant colors are like the parrot pictured on the yarn label. A black base anchors the bright colors.

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