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Friday, August 22, 2003  

Water Boy

While Mick despises even a drop of water splashing him, Bowie will drink from a faucet, paw at the water and even stick his head underneath. He is really a cutie and after his soaking
he likes to relax on his towel.

Today’s Knitting News

I worked on Mark’s birthday gift last night. I created the stocking cap pattern, incorporating Stephanie’s skull chart. It seems slightly smaller than I expected, although I realize these things are meant to be tight on the head and the yarn definitely is stretchy. Since it knits quickly, I am half hoping it will be too small so I can take this one and knit another. I am a novice at fair isle and decided to simply float the yarn, thinking this will help keep it stretchy and increase the warmth. While it went quickly, I need to read up on better techniques. I have no problem twisting the yarn to avoid holes but my ball twist at the same time leading me to constantly rotate them.

In any case, I will write up the pattern for the cap including where to incorporate the chart and how to find it on Stephanie’ blog, Glampyre. I probably should send her a note asking permission to include it on the cap pattern with proper credits. In any case, Mark will really like this cap. It is also a prototype for another cap he wants with orange flames. I will chart a flame graph myself and make it available, also.

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