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Friday, August 15, 2003  

Wool Cotton
I love my Rowan Wool Cotton stash and cannot wait to swatch this yarn for the first time. There are many patterns calling for this yarn and I cannot wait to start my first garment. It may be a month or two since I have not thought past my August list of knitting goals. A yarn made from both wool and cotton seems like a contradiction, but I really like that most items will be multi-seasonal. Especially if I knit up cardies.

Today’s Knitting News
The back of Grace is blocking. When I block my knitting I almost always use a scented water to dampen the piece. Lavender and lemon verbena are my two favorite scents. Scented waters can be put into my iron/steamer. I prefer to use a spray bottle, as too much steam is lost from an iron when the scent goes into the air, not the yarn. I cast on the left front last night. Since today is TGIF, I will be going for instant gratification knitting tonight. Almost sounds x-rated. If you want a little raunch in your blog, check out Kerstin’s happening party for Kerrie . I am missed the festivities, but wish Kerrie a great last hurrah and a wonderful married life.

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