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Friday, September 26, 2003  

Today’s Knitting News
Long time, no blog. Very little knitting lately although I cast on Grace’s sleeves. I like to knit both at once, then I am assured of identical pieces in every respect. I also cast on my Anny Blatt scarf. No photos but soon.

I had a little time to shop and purchase yarn to make a 2nd Booga J bag. My coworkers are ranting and raving over my first. And I decided to go alla Ginny and use grommets, so I picked up the tool and hardware. Lastly, a 50% off coupon cut down on the cost of a True Light lamp that will save my tired eyes. Since I have been working 60-hour weeks, they are taxed from writing, reading and fatigue. My new goal for the next three months is at least one entry per week and trying to catch up on reading every couple weeks. My knitting goals are more ambitious. Stay tuned if you have the patience to check back – I will try to post every Friday, at minimum and work my way back up. Happy knitting!

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