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Friday, September 05, 2003  

Today’s Knitting News

My Booga J bag is still drying on the shoebox. I no longer have it weighed down as the bottom is the part that is still damp. Already it has a definitive boxy shape. Straps are ready to be added this weekend. Stop by Monday for a look at the final product.

These are the porcelain buttons for Grace. They are exactly the same color as the yarn with a swirl of gold in the paint. Hopefully I will finish the front this weekend, although my TGIF project is another skullcap. Medium-large is more like a large-extra large, so I am trying for medium. The first one was too small, the second too large, so the third should be just right! I will post the revised pattern next week.

Since Pennsylvania implemented a “no helmet law”, attire for the head is a hot topic among bikers. Five people approached Mark at a local bike event to ask where he got his cap! He coordinated it with a Harley Davidson tee that had a skull on the front. I did not get his picture and he looked so hot. Next time.

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