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Thursday, October 30, 2003  

Today’s Knitting News

I have decided how to handle the possible yarn shortage for Chaise. I am going to complete the neck ruffle before the second sleeve. If needed, I can frog the 1st sleeve and divide the remaining yarn in half for two sleeves that could be knit slightly shorter. I just do not have time (or energy) to track down another ball if I do not have to.

While in Atlanta I visited the Needle Nook. This LYS had about three dozen felted items that were really nice. So I picked up a couple patterns and the new book on felting.

Which was interesting considering my travel project ended up being a Bucket O’Chic to felt.

I swatched for Mark’s Christmas gift – he picked the pattern himself: the hooded sweatshirt made of Lion Brand Wool-Ease.

I have three new venues wanting triangle scarves so I picked up enough yarn for a dozen scarves via credit card. Usually I can finish and sell them before the charge slips come in. Since Christmas is coming, I find the extra cash handy and the scarves are easier to sell as people are looking for unique gifts.

The weather is also perfect for this weight scarf (see the beautiful fall trees out side) as opposed to a wooly one for snow. From the master bath:

From the master bedroom:

And this is the end of the autumn leaves, most are lying about the yard. We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend -- sunny and at least 70 degrees!

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