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Wednesday, October 22, 2003  

Today’s Knitting News

I have posted 2 patterns; one is the skull and cross bones cap in 2 sizes. I have knit three of these and need one more for a Christmas gift. It is stretchy – I wear the small/medium and so does Mark when he wants a tight fit. The medium/large does not crush his hair. (He spends more time grooming his coiffure than I do!) The second is the infamous triangle scarf that I hawk to earn more yarn dollars. It is presented in honor of all garter stitch scarves. This one takes it up a notch by using an increase stitch to shape a triangle the size of a half a bandana. The scarf can be tied any way a halved-bandana can be worn. It never looks like much while in the ball, but made up it becomes a showstopper. I also managed to get my archives up-to-date and in a monthly format. I want to catch up on my gallery, also. I plan to combine the monthly files into a larger pdf.

I finished the back of Chaise last night and will block the front and back tonight.I am doing the sleeves one at a time. Usually I like to knit them both at once, but the ruffled ¾ sleeve starts with 140 stitches cast on. And as promised, the debut of...Grace! Mark took the photo of me in the front yard, I used auto for one on the steps to get better detail of the cardie and the outfit.

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