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Monday, October 13, 2003  

Today’s Knitting News

My normal knitting life has returned to me! Since last Wednesday night I have:
1. Completes six scarves (5 triangles and 1 long rectangle with fringe) made of Stacy Charles Cancun/Rinalto mixed with eyelash yarn for a wholesale order;

2. Finished the sleeves of Grace – all pieces are blocking (photo soon). Only knitting the collar and seaming are left; and

3. Cast on and knit the bottom of Booga J bag # 2 made of colorway #55 from Noro Kureyon. I realized that I had done the bottom of my first one in stockinette stitch not garter. It will be interesting to see the difference in felting.

Since Grace will be finished this week, I can move onto back of Jo Sharp’s An Island Holiday Chaise (front is done). And I can also start daydreaming about my next project thereafter!

Work hours came down to about 50 hours last week after five in a row 60-hour weeks. My goal is a normal 40-hour workweek, this week. Double yippee. Thank you for your supportive comments, patience in checking back and just being buddy bloggers/knitters. It is terrific how the knitting webring has experienced a growth spurt lately.

Web shopping continues to be my other past time. Knit “N” Time is the source of my first Phildar purchase: Spring 2003 Tendances. I had to see the magazine that inspired Becky’s pretty cotton jacket. They included the English translation with the magazine! Still, I wish I could read all of the text, not just the patterns. This was my first experience with this Canadian site and it was a smooth transaction.

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