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Friday, November 14, 2003  

This Week’s Knitting News

I shopped at Glenmarle in Princeton, NJ last week. Unfortunately, they were still remodeling and while the presentation and assistance was great, the selection was not their ususal extensive floor to ceiling stash.

I picked up some fuschia pink wool that is custom made for Glenmarle for a felting project. And a bunch of outrageously expensive yarn (can you say Adrienne Vittadini?) a spring scarf – ala Daryl Hannah. Just a lot of pretty off-white and cream yarn – one absolutely amazing brand that I have never seen resembling shreds of linen. All this lusciousness to garter stitch into a long rectangle…oh was my travel expense money (mileage, per diem, miscellaneous).

And I have sold five of ten scarves (retail). So much for the rudimentary knitting update…now for the “serious” knitting news. What have I done to advance my skills and “prove”my knitting worth to others? (Ha, ha, ha! – I have a very healthy ego and give a fiddler’s flying flag about that type of opinion.) I completed the keyhole and ruffle on Chaise.

Then frogged the first sleeve and measured the amount of yarn from that frogging. My remaining yarn, a ball and a half was measured and I was right! My 2nd sleeve would have petered about 10 yards shy of completion. I am going to shorten by an inch or two – knitting both sleeves at once to assure symmetry.

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