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Monday, November 24, 2003  

Today’s Knitting News

Where to start? With Rachel at Joyful Girl! She has made Mark's black skull cap with skull & crossbones in HOT PINK (instead of bone color)! It is so cool looking. At the opposite end of the spectrum is a reprinted 1916 catalogue at Lions Brand yarn. The cover makes it intriguing – I am seriously considering ordering just to see what is inside.

Mark’s sweater (unblocked) is pretty plain but that is what he likes – comfy, soft (no wool), basic sweaters. He hardly wears sweaters at work, as his office is a steam room. The colors are masculine – gray and beige-taupe.

I went around the ring for a bit – even those who normally disdain scarves are knitting a ton of them. Tis the season! I have prioritized my knitting for the next several weeks.

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