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Monday, December 08, 2003  

Knitting News

I have completed the front of Mark’s Christmas sweater and am ready to do a three-needle bind off for the shoulders to join the front and back.

I also have been selling scarves like hotcakes. I dropped off 7 at a retail store last Thursday and they sold three by Saturday. They re-ordered those colors. My friend, who sells them at her office, has sold four long black furry scarves (2 delivered, 2 to knit). So I head back to the LYS for more yarn tomorrow and need to think about my final date for knitting (for profit).

My To Knit List: I have sleeves and the hood of Mark’s sweater, an alpaca scarf for my brother-in-law, a furry red scarf for my friend Nanette and a skullcap for my niece’s boyfriend. These four gifts are all needed by the 24th. Then I can return to my selfish knitting – stuff just for me.

The good news is that my Christmas shopping is done and most of the packages are at least wrapped. Ribbons and bows go on as they go out the door since the cats will destroy decorative adornments. Holiday decorations are also done, except Mick has taken it upon himself to remove some ornaments from the lower branches of two of my trees. He has smashed 3 balls and broke two resin ornaments that could be re-glued.

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