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Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

Knitting News

Happy New Year! Unfortunately my holiday break is over and I am back to work. But I did have a great time. I was a very good girl as Santa gave me some wish list items such as a RadioShack Lightweight tripod for my cameras.

Only 2 pounds, it collapes to 20.8” to fit in a travel bag and extends to 50.8”. The camera mounts and dismount easily and there is even a little bubble level on top!

I also received a Memory Stick Reader that I can use with my camera and Clie. You can see it is not installed yet! It should give me the ability to also work with photos at home

A tripod makes a huge difference in digital photos, especially of one’s self. See the photo of me sitting down, wearing Mark’s Christmas sweater? He wanted it to be much larger so I get to wear it! I need to pick up more yarn in a different color for Mark – he does not want to be twins. This free Lion Brand pattern is a quick knit.

Another quick knit in progress is Expresso (Dale Garn Trend NR 128) made in Ara. Not only is the body done, I almost completed the sleeve in a day.

Felting has also been on my holiday agenda. A bucket hat knit a while ago finally got felted and blocked. It is a duplicate of one I made last year, just 2 sizes smaller. The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted. It felted perfectly – this has never been steamed and there are no waves in the brim.

And as far as scarves go, I think I made about 40 for sale, gifts and one lone one for me. As soon as I wear the right outfit, I will show it off. I am relieved the holiday knitting is finished and I can get back to me! I resolve to plan and start earlier this year!

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