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Friday, January 16, 2004  

Knitting News

I have finished a couple of projects this week. The first is my Expresso cardie (Dale Garn Trend NR 128) made in Ara. I will snap a photo over the weekend. Another special project is done, but more on that later.

I started Mark’s sweater and would like to cast-on for another sweater for me. I have decided to focus on cardigans rather than pullovers as a cardie is easier to dress up for the office. There is some Rowan wool-cotton I am dying to swatch. Although I saw Amy knitting a Paton cardie-hoodie that I want to make. I do not have the yarn but may have stash yarn that will work.

I am excited that my NJ contractor administrator, Barbara, has learned to knit. We have a conference in May in Nashville, Tennessee and plan to take our knitting. She has made several scarves and is getting really comfortable. It is fun to hear her excitement about yarns.

This photo came from my niece Bonnie. My sister, Corinne gave me this apron for a Christmas gift – it is highly appropriate for me. Instead of martinis, I plan on mixing a pitcher of cosmopolitans tonight.

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