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Monday, January 19, 2004  

Knitting News

I have a new cardie! The sleeves were about 2 inches short for my taste (although the pattern was written that way). I picked up the stitches around each cuff which was a knit,pearl, stockinette for the remainder of the sleeve. I knit a bit wider cuff and used the same pearl and knit row at the end. It was a great save without taking the sleeves out and frogging.

And I actually like the photo. Yesterday I used the tripod for some self-portraits. Talk about a learning curve! My expression (i.e., my face) looked so much better when Mark or the cats were in the room making me laugh. Next time I will have to play some tunes, as emotions (good) really improve photos.

I am also excited about Kerrieā€™s announcement of a new online magazine, MagKnits, with the first issue going up on February 29th. Here is the button to save to your browser:

Kerrie graciously accepted a submission from me! In any case, now that my secret knitting is done (I have never had secret knitting 'cause none of my friends/family read my blog), it is back to real life knitting. I have the back done on Mark's sweater and have started my swatch for "Ava" from Rowan 34.

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