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Thursday, January 29, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Usually I qualify as a yarn snob, being addicted to expensive Rowan yarns among others and adoring natural fibers such as cashmere, fine merino wool and similar. (Speaking of Rowan, the Spring/Summer issue #35 is currently being distributed in Europe and is to ship to America soon. I cannot wait!!)

Lately, I am all over Lion Brand Homespun. The colorways are gorgeous and although it is 98% acrylic and 2%polyester, this is a soft yarn to handle and wear. Mark’s hooded sweatshirt in Homespun is ocean colors with blues, greens and in-betweens (320 Regency).

Last night, I cast on for Capella from an older issue of Knitty. I have been dying for a capelet. I want to design one (similar to a rash of capelets in Anthropology mail order magazines) but cannot find a pattern that is exactly what I want.
Anthropology Capelet

Capella is an appealing pattern and I had yarn on hand – Homespun! Plus as I found last night, this is knitting up very quickly. The colorway is browns with blues and burgundies (338 Nouveau) – it really pops for a subdued color scheme. No digital camera is in my bag today – I will show it tomorrow, along with the completed back of Ava (yeah!).

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