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Tuesday, February 10, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I am finishing up Mark’s Christmas Valentine’s Day sweater. All it needs is the hood knitted up and seamed. Basically, it is an evening’s work. A capella is also basically done (the button are safety pinned and need sewn). It needs blocking as the hem is slightly curly and I decided to add fringe. What really makes it pop are the old-fashioned metal buttons with a floral motif.

Here is my TGIF project, the 2nd felted bucket. I love the before and after photos. Felting is really magic to make an item go from the limp piece in red to the structure in beigey-taupe. The bucket really holds it shape as I have really folded, stuffed and otherwise abused my bucket this winter. Both are done in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride which I usually need to run through the cycle twice to felt to perfection. Also the felted bucket required no steaming! It was just shaped on the coffee can.

The front left of Ava is now knitting smoothly after a frogging of about ten rows and dropping stitches (on purpose) to switch colors on certain stitches/rows. Finally the pattern is gel ‘in. Because Mark’s hooded sweatshirt is almost ready-to-wear, I am swatching away. I need a sweater on a larger needle since Ava is my smaller needle project of the moment. I have it narrowed down to two choices: Ebony Cardie form Rowan #25 in a slate gray with specks Magpie Tweed or the Cabled Hoodie from Paton Designer Series Street Smart in light natural Paton Classic Merino Wool. Although my Paton yarn has not arrived, it should be here this week.

Of course, just as I get geared up for my project, five wholesale and a retail scarf order hits all at once from three different customers. In one respect I really do not mind…it is an excuse for a trip to the yarn store, it earns extra knitting $ and does not take more than an hour or so per scarf. But it is always short notice for the wholesale orders and a short turn-around time. Basically, I drop my own work. I need to decide if it is worth it. Of course not just money-wise but the pleasure of seeing my work in a store with a million plus dollar inventory. And the owner is asking me to look at some of her other accessories and create scarves to match.

Looking ahead, I swatched a very thin Rowan 4 Ply Cotton on #2 US needles in moss stitch testing it out for a red Mimi cardie from Rowan #25. As grueling as it is, the resulting fabric is awesome because of the texture. Not a homemade look as it is so small! I also have six balls of white 4 Ply Cotton for a lacey cardie from the same issue – Shaker. This is my swatch of Gedifra Wellness. It is 65% merino wool and 35% acrylic. I am substituting it for Rowan Cork even though it is slightly thicker for Reveal (Rowan #34). My gauge is 12s x 18r and the goal was 14sx 19 rows. Since Reveal is layered over another top, I am going to go ahead. It is a stretchy piece even though it looks so solid.

Here is a Project List of current projects, hibernating projects, projects that I have yarn/patterns for and a wish list of projects. And this is by no means a complete list! There is a rational to my approach. Basically I allow myself 3 projects at a time: one in #6 US or less needle; one in #7 US needle or larger; and one small accessory project (for knitting on the go). In addition, I may have a TGIF project although sometimes this is my to-go project when I want to cast-on early or need to finish. Hibernating projects do not count in this active list and I allow myself as many projects in the wings as I can bear.

Of course, the stash is like a bank account I keep feeding for future projects. Sometimes the yarn comes first, sometimes the pattern. It does not matter to me. For example, I have several older Rowan patterns I want to track yarn on ASAP before the colors disappear. But I also have a hankering to find some beautiful brown-cocoa-chocolate colored lush yarn for a transitional cardie.

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