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Monday, February 16, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

A Jo-Ann Fabrics super-store opened this weekend! It quadrupled in space and a mere 8 feet of yarns and supplies have transformed into three aisles! There were Lion Brand yarns I have only seen photos of. So, more HomeSpun followed me home for the Interweave Knits yoga pants, some kitchen cotton for a summer tank, gel-colored crochet hocks in all sizes and really neat plastic pins for seaming. I usually use metal safety pins but these look easier to handle.

Mark “modeled” his hooded sweatshirt for me – it is more like a mug shot.

The back looked nice, too. He wore a black leather button coat over it with the hood pulled out.

I also finished a “caterpillar” scarf as my TGIF project; it was a commission.

I used the profit to buy the same yarn to make one for me! It will look so cute with a jean jacket or a tee and jeans. My LYS did not have Adriafil Explosion but a great substitute – Gedifra Carioca.

These caterpillars are 92% wool and 8% nylon. It is very soft – I cast ten stitches on US #15 and used 1 ½ balls.

I cast on Rowan Magpie Tweed for Ebony and finished the band on the back. Photo later when there is enough fabric to show. I am over half way done with Ava’s front left also. Steady but not fast knitting that small intarsia.

I delivered three triangle scarves this weekend and immediately spent the profit on a Vera Bradley quilted handbag at the shop. I also made a triangle for me last week (I will snap it later too -- the colorway is quite awesome).

The sales staff at Gilded Lily said Mark’s Uncle Bob (only four years older than Mark) was in buying his wife, Kathy, a Valentine’s Day gift. They told him about my scarves so he took a look, then called me at home to order a scarf and hat combo (at a much better price) for her March 1st birthday. Today, Mark called to say Aunt Kathy had paid full retail ($49.95) for one of my scarves as a friend's gift over the holidays. She had no idea “Knit by Nora” was me! And that she would get a family discount of $14.95.

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