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Monday, February 23, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

So much has happened knit wise since Friday, so here it goes. First a wonderful gift arrived in the mail from Karen who lives in LA! I have been in weather envy recently living vicariously through her descriptions of a spring-like environment.

I open my mail at the kitchen desk and the boys were quick to inspect the package from all angles!

What could that aroma be? Karen has two girl kitties doggies so maybe a secret message was included.

Here is a snap of my bamboos resting safely inside. Thank you so much! To purchase your own darling Knit & Crochet Holder contact Karen.

Another gift (from Christmas) bloomed this weekend. A co-worker gave me this gorgeous amaryllis. For some reason Mick and Bowie turned a nose up and did not chew or bat at it.

My TGIF project was a triangle scarf for Mark’s Aunt Kathy. I also have Lambs Pride to match for a Bucket O’Chic and cast it on at the dentist on Saturday. One hour, fifteen minutes in the chair but no cavities!

Over the weekend, I cast on and completed the back of the sweater from Spring 2004 Interweave Knits – Simply Marilyn (in pale pink on the cover) while watching The Runaway Jury and Lost in Translation.

My Marilyn is from Gedifra Chunky Wellness in beige (color 02) a combination of 92% wool and 8% acrylic. It is soft for wool. I purchased 15 balls on sale at my LSY for $3.75 each. What a quick knit and I love the big cable up the back and front.

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