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Wednesday, February 25, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Sometimes, planning projects and organizing yarn is just as fun as actually knitting. As I have adapted the “rule of three” used by many other knitters, here is my Sacred Triad of Knitting Projects:
1. Ava (size 6 or less needles),
2. Simply Marilyn (size 7 or greater needles), and
3. Bucket O’Chic for Mark’s Aunt Kathy – was finished last night! So what is up next? It might be an early start to TGIF, a springy cotton Bucket or something else rescued from the stash.

My TGIF Project this week will probably be a felted bag! I am in the process of making up a TGIF list of projects based on current stash, patterns and my wishlist.

Ava will take at least the remainder of March to complete knitting. Simply Marilyn will probably be done mid-March as I am zipping off the front which is very similar to the back (see photo below). Next up after Ava will probably be finishing Jo Sharp’s Chaise as she only needs two ¾ sleeves. Then I might go onto another intarsia – Jade cardigan in a new yarn for me – Cotton Glace.

If my Paton yarn arrives, I will start my “must have” zipped hoodie. (Just named after the “must have’ cardie by Paton.) I would also like to give the Rowan Magpie Tweed another shot instead of stashing it until next winter. I just might need a different pattern. While Paton is an almost definite, Magpie is a long shot.

At the start of May, I would like to begin some summer tops, especially something that has been languishing in the stash for about three years, 4 ply for Foxy from Rowan # 27 (of Pagan and Grace fame). I have a fabulous lace skirt that I have not worn for years meant to match this top. It used to have a jacket but it died a fashion death. But the skirt was classic.

To feed the stash, a shipment of Rowan Kidsilk Haze has arrived from the UK in the colors: Marmalade, Poison and discontinued Candy Girl, along with a little Antique White Gold Lurex Shimmer. Possible projects: Birch shawl (#34), Glint striped pullover (#30) and/or Icy slash neck pullover (#30).

Sincerely, I could stop buying yarn right now and knit up my stash for the next two or three years. Right now I am paying interest on my credit card because of February yarn sprees. I no longer go on clothes shopping sprees since yarn and books and whatnots replaced that behavior. No guilty here either! I am without shame.

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