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Thursday, March 11, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I finished the back of the Paton Cabled Hoodie last night. Today and tomorrow, I have five scarves to knit up for Saturday delivery (one done as of lunch and two can be knocked off tonight during Survivor and CSI).

Although I have temporarily sworn off knit-alongs as to follow my own lead, so to speak, Alison's Spring Fling is irresistible. Why? Because the item can be anything Springy! So that can fit with my weekly TGIF project, a “Knit Light” item. I have the most beautiful hand-dyed yarn called Gelato by Fiesta Yarns, New Mexico. It is an appropriate color called “Caribbean” which is blues and greens that look water-colored.

For the last year, the skein has hung on the wall in our TV room; it is that pretty.

My Spring Fling project is a simple shoulder scarf with a nice “cup shaping” on the back instead of a point/triangle effect.

I have three projects near completion: Ava (needs a front right panel), Chaise (needs two ¾ sleeves) and Marilyn (waiting for additional yarn). The Paton project is in early stages. Plus I have Dune hibernating (completed back and one front to neckline). After the scarves, I will finish Chaise because I want to wear it next Friday (3/19) on our work casual day with a cute skirt that I bought to match. Then Ava cause it is so close. Once these two are done, I will pick another small gauge project.

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