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Thursday, March 25, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I had a short fling! With the Gelato scarf/shawl, I started flinging on Saturday and finished on Wednesday. A helpful hint if you plan to use this yarn: weaving the ends or knotting is NOT an option. I actually sewed the woven ends with a thread and needle (the recommendation of my LYS helper). This is one slippery yarn. It was even spring-like in Pittsburgh today. Do you think that is because I finished?

I picked up Knit ‘n Style today at lunch (Borders) because of an article about Knitting in Japan. This week, I just discovered a cute blog called Pink U! Rockin’ in Tokyo. I visited several new blogs this week since I had nice comments from new people. Visits were made to old friends, also.

Ava is languishing as I need to frog the sleeves; they are a bit too long. If I just get kick-started again, I can finish it within a couple of weeks. The 2nd piece of Paton’s hooded cardie is going nicely. All I need now is a 3rd small “instant grat” project and/or TGIF project. I have not posted last Friday’s TGIF; another D.H. scarf, half the size in crèmes and whites.

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