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Friday, March 12, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I knocked off three of five scarves yesterday. It is automatic pilot knitting, not very blog worthy.

Odd Balls

I have dozens of odd balls. Where do they come from? Certainly many are leftovers but others arrived with orders as “try and buy” balls. Some have been sent unexpectedly in trades. And others I have actually bought just to try. But I swear, like Tribles, some have been just appeared!

Sometimes I think, “What in the world will I ever do with these odd balls? They just suck up space for important yarn.”

But once in a while a pattern requiring small amounts of yarn just hits you in the face. Like the Beach Beanies in the Spring 2004 Knitter’s. This is the only pattern I was interested in actually knitting in this issue. It looks like a crochet cap, but is knit with clever yarnovers that wind around the cap. Using a light weight yarn , I found the perfect odd ball in my collection – it is Rowan Wool Cotton in a true blue. It was an odd ball with a e-bay purchase of another yarn I wanted. And perfect for a TGIF project. If I had not decided to do the Gelato shoulder shawl for my Spring Fling, this would be it. How about two flings?!

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