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Tuesday, March 23, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I spent half the weekend winding the skein of Gelato into a ball before starting my Spring Fling scarf/shawl. This yarn has a warning on the label that I wish I had heeded a bit better. It is the slipperiest damn yarn! And since I moved from the couch to the bed while winding, I created a giant tangle that ended up taking almost four hours to complete one (stinkin’) ball. To contain the ball which just wants to melt back into a pool of yarn, I used a baggie. (I have no yarn bras in the house—never had a need for one.) I cut a slit to pull the working strand out (this is an outer-pull yarn, not a center-pull). Then I secured the ball in the bag with a small hair band and continue to tighten as I knit to avoid the tangles. The resulting fabric is very glossy and has a bead-like texture. It is so pretty that I want to take a photo of the final outside instead any work-in-progress indoor shots.

Mick was sick this weekend and I stayed home Monday to take him to the vet. On Sunday I had a family birthday party. Mick loves parties and will sit on a chair and socialize; play with the presents, especially tissue and have a little ice cream. He stayed under the bed all day. Bowie stayed with him which is also unusual as they rarely nap together. Monday morning, Mark and I took turns holding him. Thankfully it is an upper respiratory infection with no secondary (serious) illness. Antibiotics should help. In this shot he is crying because he wants held (or does not want a picture while he is under the weather). Look at his feet, the front ones are looped over the back ones.

JoAnn Super Store hit again for some cheapie crochet hocks of various sizes and cute colors. They will be helpful for various trims and to pick up yarns of all weights.

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