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Friday, March 05, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I started my Paton cabled, hoodie and could not stop. This is 5 ½” of ribbing and the 30 row cable pattern. This yarn is very amazing – I give it the springiest yarn award. The strand is collapses when knitting like it is filled with air and springs to life to make a very curly fabric. Blocking will be an essential part of finishing.

Knitting this pattern makes me lust over its sister cardigan that has been named the “Must Have” cardie around the ring. It is on my list in the future but not as part of the knit along. Since I have created my own project list, I plan to follow my own drummer although there are several patterns others have done or are planning that I also want to knit (Birch, Interweave’s Homespun pants, Must Have Cardie, etc.)

Plenty of knitting time tomorrow as my dad’s last first cousin passed (he is 81 years of age and she was 94 yrs.) My two sisters and I are taking the parents for the funeral tomorrow.

Tonight with Mark is DVD (his choosing) so I will get about 2 hours of knitting. It is also Pina Colada night for me (Mark prefers Cuba Libras).

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