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Tuesday, March 02, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

My LYS does not have any yarn left for Marilyn. I do not like the owner of my LSY right now for a couple of reasons. The sales staff is lovely, but the store is in the most affluent area of Pittsburgh with enough customers to pay full retail. The owner donated the Wellness and could not say to who as there were three recipients. She also had no sympathy whatsoever. I guess a tax deduction is better than a sale. But in her favor, there is a wide and wonderful inventory in a small cozy storefront.

I learned Zitron (Skacel), a German yarn company makes my Wellness yarn (after reading the label closely), not Gedifra. I was thinking this was a chunky Gedifra Wellness. That is the problem of blogging from work; I rely on my memory.

Googling for this yarn has told me several things, nothing I want to hear:
· It was a Spring 2002 yarn/color,
· Not many or any US yarn shops have it; I have been looking in Canada, and
· It would take numerous emails to dozens of stores to track it down as it is not available from an online store.

I swatched, then cast on my Paton Cabled Hoodie to cheer myself up last night. And my gauge was perfect. Today at lunch, I got rolling on Ava’s sleeves. I will probably head to the yarn shop later this week to maul over options for the neckline of Marilyn. I do not know whether to:
· Use a complimentary yarn/color to finish as is,
· Get a furry or novelty yarn to make a chunky style cowl, or
· Go for a romantic look and use mohair to make a fluffy ruffle.
I plan to look through my Rowan collection for inspiration, then let the yarn guide me.

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