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Wednesday, March 17, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Over the weekend, I finished and delivered five scarves. You may find there is work to do after the knitting such as weaving in ends, pulling out eyelashes, printing and cutting “care cards” that say Knit by Nora, attaching said cards and overall making the finished product as professional as possible. I follow the guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission for labeling my knit work. Here is a quick look at Nora’s "Finishing School" (an Adobe file).

My Wellness arrived Friday and I finished Marilyn over the weekend. It was snowy enough to wear to work. Underneath I have a Banana Republic camisole in the same color. (It has a built in shelf bra). It allows for the shoulders to slip down and look nice still (sorry, no cheesy shot of this).

I also finished knitting Chaise last night and just need to sew the sleeves up and attached to the already finished bodice. So another FO to show this week! Having two completed projects and one very close (Ava) is a nice feeling. I plan to work on a couple Spring Fling quickies and then swatch up a few ideas for the next small gauge project.

Do you know the actress, Kylie Minogue? I don’t, but she has a sweet little black shrug on over a sexy number.

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