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Friday, March 19, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Presenting Jo Sharp’s The Island Holiday---Chaise in Plymouth Yarn Stone Cotton! All that is needed is the ties at the keyhole.

I have used my mini knitting needle pin to close for the photo. I have less than two yards of yarn left and would not have that much without have shortened the sleeves by a dozen plus rows. Once again, I cut it too close. My new learning objective is to be better at making yarn substitutions in regards to the correct quantity in future projects. It is a very nerve-racking feeling; not the goal of knitting.

I wanted to wear Chaise today with an Ann Taylor skirt that matches beautifully (to the right in the photo), but I woke to snow this morning. This is the view going down my driveway this morning. The funny thing is, now the snow is melted, the skies are sunny and blue.

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