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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Thank you for the kind offers to help locate Marilyn’s yarn, especially Alissa who went above and beyond. A New Jersey yarn store, Yarn Crafters I found on-line is sending me plenty to finish. The funny thing is the sweater now costs more than if I had used the recommended yarn – I started with Wellness as it was in a sale bin. But I do like the color, texture and resulting fabric.

While I am waiting for Wellness, I plan to continue my Paton cabled hoodie in the evenings and Ava during lunches. Last night I worked on last Friday’s TGIF project, a scarf from Celebrity Knits. FYI, the yarns in the D.H. scarf are:
· Schulana Zigane (the yarn has ribbons that look like torn linen) in two colors (It is very Robert Cavelli looking – I would love a tank made of it.),
· Mission Falls 1824 Cotton,
· Rowan Cotton Tape,
· Adrienne Vittadini Samantha and
· Leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

I am really in the mood to cast on and finish the sleeves for Chaise – they may be this week’s TGIF project instead of a quickie knit. The body is seamed and finished, it just needs two ¾ sleeves. The weather is just right to start wearing this top.

In the last week, I received both the Spring 2004 Ram Wools and the 2004 Patternworks catalogues. There is an original design Textured Tee Shirt by Ram Wools that I like using Patons Grace, a 100% cotton. Patternworks has a nice inventory and a book I have not seen before: Norsk Strikkedesign by Margaretha Finseth with 24 patterns from Norwegian designers. Both are free, have glossy color pictures and can inspire your knitting.

As there are no new knitting photos, I will leave you with the boys taking a nap.

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