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Tuesday, March 09, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

This is a child’s mobile, but I want one! It can be found at Zipper Gifts .

I have finished Ava’s sleeves last night and I just have the other front piece to knit! Unfortunately, a scarf order came in on Saturday for this Saturday (five scarves). So, I doubt I will get much personal knitting accomplished.

I spent my profit already today during my trip to my LYS to buy the yarn. Here are the color combinations for the triangles:

And here is the stuff for me!

I picked up two magazines, Dalegarn nr 26 and a 2nd large clear tote bag. I plan to get yarn for and make Ingeborg, one of the few sweaters of this ilk that fits my taste and lifestyle. Since it is a dressy cardie it will work at the office well. And the colors (black, gray, red and natural) are my work palette.
On the wishlist is yarn for this project:

The white yarn is slated for a second Daryl Hannah scarf and the black/white Stacy Charles is for my own triangle scarf. They were low on eyelashes today so I am waiting to find a perfect match rather than make do. The first DH I made is off-whites and tans (below). It looks great over a London Fog trench coat although it is draped between the two pictures in my office. The scarf matches perfectly!

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