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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I am excited! I am about to cast off the sleeves of Paton hooded cardie. And I have the back and fronts blocked and seamed at the shoulders. My 18” bone separating zipper is on its way from Hancock Fabrics and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. The only knitting left is the hood. I will make my April 16th deadline! Yippee!! I already love it and see wearing it for chilly nights and rainy, damp days.

Last Friday for TGIF, I fringed A Capella. I wore it around the house on Sunday over a light long-sleeve tee. It added nice warmth to my upper body. Another one is mandatory!

A few TGIFs ago, I had done a 2nd “Daryl Hannah” scarf half the width of the original and in whites/natural (not just natural). It is just as long and as cute. I bought a pine trunk for a coffee table this week (to better store yarn and such)! I had the original D.H. scarf and every sales woman touched it and admired it. One had priced a similar scarf for “several hundred dollars” in our ritzy boutique section of Pittsburgh. Stylish items are not the norm here, so anything unique stands out and are admired (usually). Funny how the book, Celebrity Knits was mostly ostracized by knitters, yet non-knitters lust over such creations…

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