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Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

This is from a fashion photo of a Prada dress and necklace (sorry for the poor shot -- I am at work and swamped)! The necklace grabbed me because it looks knitted, although it may be macramé or crochet. In any case, I wanted to make it.

This is my first effort which is satisfactory in the choice of yarn, beads and size. As soon as I wear neutrals to work, I will model (promise). The next one I would like to enhance by using a stitch other than garter. In the next week or so, look for the pattern. And more “Prada-style” necklaces. This makes a great TGIF project (translation: quick and instant gratification.

I swatched for Foxy from Rowan #27, a ribbed shell in an ivory 4-ply, last night. And cast on the first row, #1 US to start, then #3. I have Ava on #6 US, so I actually needed a five or less project. This will either warm me up for Ingeborg or burn me out…but the end result will be a cute spring top that I have a great ivory lace skirt to match.

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