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Friday, April 23, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Three cities in three days – Princeton, NJ; Atlantic City, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. Yarn stash enhancement occurred at the Glenmarle Woolworks in Princeton. The Adriafil Frou Frou is for a tank or loose tee. The single ball of Zitron Pola Tera is for a summer scarf mix with the Frufru or a matching necklace (my pattern in progress).

I think these felted buttons will make a great accent closure – no project in mind, yet. I wonder how difficult it would be to make these for yourself? I know craft stores have the metal backing if you want to cover with fabric to match outfits.

The Plassard Point Virgule is to be added to leftover Lamb’s Pride to make a Party Purse. This is my TGIF project and I am almost done with the body of the bag. Look how cool it will be (the inside ends up the outside), especially once it is felted.

I also am almost to the armholes on Foxy but the snapshot was too boring. I started a bucket in All Season’s Cotton to match the stitching in my denim jacket. I am not a bottom’s up bucket person – the original has a more interesting structure to me.

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