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Friday, April 30, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Two packages were waiting when I arrived home! The large one was my yarn for Ingeborg.

And the small one was a (yippee) surprise! It came from Rebecca as part of a recent trade. While I have used Mission Falls 1928 Cotton, I have never had the wool. And is it luscious. I like Rebecca’s suggestion of mittens for it!

My Party Purse is finished! I order cropped cargo pants (in sand) with three tees to match (fuschia, orange & olive). The tees are the color of the nubbies. All I need is the right shoes.

Long time, no see, Bowie. He loves to swat at moths on the outside of the window. Last night he tracked one that sneaked into the house and let me kill it. Before I could remove the body, he ate it!

Mick was also the successful hunter yesterday (no photo). When Mark arrived home, he thought a toy mouse was on the throw rug by my bedside (the location of our answering machine). It was wet – nothing unusual, as Mick likes to dunk his toys in his water bowl. Except this was NOT a toy, it was the real thing. Mick has been strutting his stuff ever since. Good boy! (And thank God I did not get home first OR find it in bed.)

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