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Wednesday, May 05, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Anthropology has another adorable poncho wrap in their summer essential collection. It can be worn as a pullover poncho with ties on each side left loose and dangly. Or they can tie at the sides to create a shapely silhouette. This is something that definitely could be duplicated…like by me…and I have coral yarn (namely Frou Frou). But then again a lineny yarn would be yummy. And I want a poncho like my D.H. scarves in off-whites and white with a mix of yarns. Yes, there is another poncho in my future…

Knitting man or myth? The legend continues.
From W magazine, Volume 33, Issue 5, May 2004:
“Russell Crowe, famous movie star and a knitter---he took it up when his wife, Danielle Spencer, was pregnant with their son, now three years old---has already knit and purled a pair of blue booties, a matching cap and a baby blanket. Have you ever loved him so much?” – from the Suzy column.

Knit-wise, I cast on for the front of Foxy and will probably continue that for the next week or two. I also have to confess I am making a (gasp) dishcloth. It is NOT for me. My sister has been bugging me for a year to make them – encouragement has come via yarn, half knit clothes, patterns, articles, etc. Last week she gave me another pattern. I had bought a cone of Lion’s Brand kitchen cotton (color above is Wedgewood), thinking to make a summer shell. But my sister is my sister and deserves a knitted clothe! So does my mom, my other sister, my niece with a new apartment, my sister’s mother-in-law, and hey! What about me? So the cone is sitting bedside and I work a few rows each night. An instant insomnia cure.

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