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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Foxy is still a little curly but once it is one, the stretchiness makes all the curls go away. It fits really nice and comfy, too. I have a matching lace skirt and also a couple work skirts in black with off-white prints. As soon as I wear it, I will show you. I would knit this shell again as it has minor detailing that pops, like the finished neck and armholes.

Last night I cast on for Iris, a cropped cardie, from Rowan #35. The Rowan Calmer is really yummy, better than All Seasons Cotton! Since I am making it in black, I have decided to wait to photograph as black is tough. I have several tops and dresses that would work better for the office with a neat little cover-up. Iris will be a quick knit; I expect to finish the back tonight. The entire garment should take about two weeks. Ingeborg just does not travel well and she does require your full attention---definitely a stay at home project.

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