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Monday, June 21, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I had a great four-day weekend. The only knitting I accomplished was my first sock! The toes just need finished…and I need to knit the 2nd sock.

At Kathy’s Kreations, I met the owner, Kathy. She was very helpful and had a great inventory. Apparently, she is also a designer (I think I have seen her work in a book…or somewhere…)

I would love to go back again…it is about an 1 ½ drive, but the town has lots of shops and restaurants and history. It will make a nice day trip. Since I spent my yarn allowance here, I did not go to the 2nd shop since I am not capable of just “window shopping” for yarn. The only way I keep to somewhat of a budget is just not to walk in. I had comments from Cindy that the other shop is lovely---dang it! I will show you my yarn purchases tomorrow – it was a nice haul.

A cute husband/knitting story:
Last week Mark was at our local Post Office when the clerk asked a customer what she was wrapping in a US Postal box. My husband said, “It looks like one of my wife’s scarves.” The lady wrapping asked if his wife was Nora and the two shared a good joke. She said to send me in anytime, because I spend more at the shop than I make on scarves. He said he already knew that. The really neat thing is the scarf was going to Utah! How cool is that?

I have been prepaid to knit two Harry Potter scarves for Christmas gifts. I charged $30 per scarf. It gives me plenty of time to figure out the details. This scarf is stripes done in the round and pressed flat with fringes. Since it is for two young kids that like soft yarn, I bought Reynolds Utopia.

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