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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I have been on a Rowan high. My membership kit came and the colors for the runner are perfect: a dark and medium blue that will match my everyday dishes (Pfaltzgraff Folk Art). Over the holiday weekend, I won two E-bay auctions for Rowan magazines number 15 & 16. I have every mag from 15 to 35 except 21. I wonder why 21 is so elusive? Most shops have 20 and some even have in the high teens. If any reader wants to sell their copy of Rowan 21; I would pay a reasonable mark-up.Right now I am bidding on 9 & 13. Don't bid against me! :-))

Iris is almost done; I have both sleeves knit to the armhole shaping and hope to finish today or tomorrow. Then it is just blocking, seaming and looking for a closing leather or ribbon tie. I frogged Ingeborg and started over…just a couple small problems but I decided not to live with them after all. It appears many Ingeborg knitters are either frogging and/or working slowly. Actually, it is extremely slow in the knitting ring, at least knit wise. There is a lot of other chit chat about non-knitting stuff.

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