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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I went to Borders at lunch and could not believe that Family Circle Easy Knitting (Plus Crochet) Fall 2004 was on the stands. There are four poncho patterns that warranted my attention (are you reading, Karen?). I would also like to knit an Asian-inspired cardigan by I-Hwa Ho—it would suit up at work. Although I would not make them, the crochet patterns are fun in a retro way.

My big excitement last night was completing my first repeat on Ingeborg. That means I am 1/3 of the way done before I start the top shaping. To celebrate, I decided to start sewing the “hem” at the bottom. This was a fun thing to do and it makes such a finished look. I am simply going to love this cardie for work and probably will buy a top/bottom to match to make a full “suit’. Originally, my first rounds took 30 minutes, then it got to be around 15 plus. Now I can get one out in 10 to 12 minutes! This knitting is extraordinarily addictive. I think I will make it a goal to complete one fair isle each year for my wardrobe.

I have been translating my pattern so I can start my Phildar Onde top. Starting to knit might be a good idea as the translation is tough (for a non-French speaker). I now recognize all of the common knit terms. It is just the pattern has abbreviations and I do not know the entire word to look up on my translator. And the staff that works for me only speaks Spanish or Russian, no French.

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