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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I will be away until next Monday. Tomorrow, Mark and I are taking a Pennsylvania roadtrip and spending a romantic 15th Anniversary at the Mercersburg Inn. Along the way I plan to hit two new yarn stores: one in Ligonier and one in Chambersburg. Mark’s socks are going to be my knitting project, except on Friday when I work the Linen Drape Knit-Along.

This fashion page is from July 2004 Harpers Bazaar (page 86). I wish they had done it in color rather than black and white. The text says, “Sophisticated knit capes are the new cover-up—-Missoni’s version with geometric detail adds drama to the simple silk tank.” The cost of this cape? It is a mere $2,175.00 US. Knitters brought capes back to fashion, don’t you think?

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