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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

My anniversary roses are open and still pretty with pinkish-red tipping the creamy yellows.

I have always wanted to make Cheesylove and won the angora for it on E-bay a couple of years ago. For the background, I purchased Lambs Pride Cotton Fleece in black to stretch its “wear-ability” to the spring and autumn. Here is my yarn – I plan all pale pink hearts except for one red one over the left breast bone. Another recent Cheesylove can be found at this blog . (I just found it and do not know the name of this knitter. Check it out!)

Here is the
Harry Potter Scarf Yarn.jpg
. The scarlet and gold are for the Gryffindor house. It will be a while until I start these.

These ivory, tan and pale gray yarns are for a summer poncho. Remember my two Darryl Hannah scarves? I love the mixed media of yarns and want to make a loose summer poncho that is similar in size and shape to my rust Berroco Glace one, but with an open stitch. I also bought a ball of black Berroco Suede to make a cell phone cover for Mark, but did not snap it. There is a free pattern at Berroco I plan to use although I will need to remove the feminine accents (fringe galore).

This yarn came from Threadbear and is for the "Pull Kimono." One slight problem is the pattern is in French. I am using on-line translators and a French to English copy of the Album 406 Famille which features other patterns ala Phildar Onde.

I still have my Rowan 2003 subscription gift kit and do not plan to make it up. If I could think of another use for the yarn, I would, but I would rather have something else. Any trade offers?

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