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Friday, July 23, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Happy Two Hundred Blog Entries!

After hurting my credit card, I have a camera again. It really depressed me to not have a digital…I keep it in my work tote bag and often transfer to my weekend handbag. I went with a Sony again, a DSC-P41 instead of the DSC-P50. In 15 months, the technology jumped ahead even though it is not as expensive as the 50. It is smaller, takes snaps faster and is slightly more ergonomic. Of course they changed the AC adapter (extra purchase)…and it takes disposable not rechargeable batteries. Each of these situations have pros and cons.

I have a finished object, a Coral Red Zen shawl with fringe…it was a commission for a girl at work to wear over a black dress at upcoming weddings. Here it is folded, pre-fringe, done in a garter stitch (on my work desk looking blucky). The final product looks fantastic – I will take an outdoor photo this weekend. Berroco Zen does not unravel so the fringes are perfect.

The girls at work thought the ribbon yarn was really hot! Knitters really take things for granted. Non-knitters I share my work with think that knitted items that we (knitters) term “simple to knit” or “novelty yarn” are unique, non-retail artistic garments. Their appreciation makes me grateful that I embrace all knitting genres from the “mindless” Hollywood Knits to the Dale of Norway Ingeborg to my own attempts at design. One last bee-atch. Sex in the Knitty. It is a free publication by designers that put their time, materials and individuality out there in order to learn and progress this fiber form. Kudos to each one of them. If you were derogatory about the issue, let’s see your custom design work (free, of course). While I will not likely knit any of these garments, I appreciate that this issue exists. Many artists, including fashion designers, are ahead of the curve. I did get a chuckle from those who state they knit to wear to show others (husbands and boyfriend apparently do not rate). As for sizing issues, I know personally it is hard to create a pattern in mulitiple sizes when a DEADLINE is looming. Why not work on your personal knitting skills and find a way to adapt? I saw this done by many participating in the Ingeborg Knit-Along. It was great to see the group working together to expand the pattern rather than sitting and just bashing! Yes, channel those bad vibes into positive energy. Do not suck good feelings from others.

I worked on another commission: the H.P. scarf. I used 54 stitches and have eight stripes done (about halfway). I would like to adapt my pattern to my knitting machine and see if they could be done faster. I have a 2nd to do for commission and would like to make a half dozen for nieces and nephew. And others have told me they would buy them up.

I finished my project for MagKnits chilly issue and am working on my next pattern for Kerrie. But you cannot see these. Did I mention that I am to the front neck band on Ingeborg? Yes, 18 ½ “ of pattern from the fold line. Yippee!!!!

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