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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Lunch time was swatch time! From left to right:
• Navy and hot pink Cotton Classic 100% Mercerised Cotton by Tahki*Stacy Charles, Inc. This an intarsia swatch for a new Knit by Nora design.
• Rowan’s R2 Paper. I cannot wait to get home because I am going to get my bedazzler out and accent this yarn with rhinestones. I also like the idea it can be altered with Fabric markers. Note to self: Must get to Michaels or JoAnne Fabrics.
• Rowan’s R2 Rag. This is another KbyN design which should end up a funky tied headband. I love how the rag looks – it is like torn fabric without the unraveling. It gets you thinking about trying to make your own yarn at home out of fabric…

No blogging until Monday. Mark & I have tattoos scheduled tomorrow (to belatedly celebrate our 15th anniversary). I am getting a dragonfly I designed at the bottom of my back and he is having my name (that is already done in Egyptian hieroglyphics) on his upper arm turned into a metallic gold outlined in blue cartouche. My dragonfly will have bright pink and orange wings and a purple-lavender body. I already have a hummingbird and flowers on my hip that were a cover-up for a small butterfly that sucked. And I have a lady bug on my foot that I had shown on the blog before. May be next week I will show you the hummingbird – the colors are still perfect and it has a realistic appearance. The dragonfly will have to wait until healed.

Saturday I will be hitting the 3rd Annual Sheep Fest and perhaps a new yarn store en route. Rain is called for, but I think it will be fun. My one goal is to obtain a drop spindle.

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