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Wednesday, July 28, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Yesterday, in addition to going to the LYS (I loved the Flintstones when Wilma & Betty would yell, "Charge It!"), I stopped by The Bead Mine, a bead store, and Palm Place, the Lilly Pultzer store. I purchase beads and wires to make eight stitch markers, my first. More on this project later this week.

I picked Lilly’s book, Essentially Lilly up on sale, a combo biography, entertainment guide and recipe book awash in photos and watercolors of her designs. Several of the recipes appealed to me. I have especially wanted a curry chicken salad recipe to try.

Koigu Kersti Merino

There are five skeins of Koigu Kersti I have been saving for something special and since the pattern and colors I want for Charlotte’s Web are still coming together, I picked up a Fiber Trends Leaf Lacey Shawl pattern. I swatched for it (going down to US #10 instead of 10 ½ and already love the colorway (rich blues and purplish-black with a touch of fuchsia). The pattern has a small and large shawl sizes in 4 yarn weights. Although I will not start it until later, I am excited about a lace shawl for fall. The colors will be perfect with a black top and blue jeans, wardrobe staples.

Rowan Rag & Paper

My LYS had a hot display of the R2 pattern book and yarns. Along with the book, I purchased 3 paper and 1 rag balls of yarn for a tank top of some sorts and a scarf. This I want to start ASAP as it is hot weather weight. Fortunately, it looks like a quick weekend knit.


Three balls of Koigu KPPPM followed me home. It is the first time I ever purchased this yarn. Each reminds me of a Monet watercolor. I have another skein ordered (#200). I still need one more skein but will be patient to find exactly what I want – pinks with bright pastels (an oxymoron?) with no purple (lavender is okay) and no blue (unless baby blue). Tall order given the frenzy of Charlotte’s Web. The skein I really want is P404. Do you have it?

I am getting close to the end of Ingeborg – the body. Within the next week, I will be moving onto a new part of her. Many Borgers have commented about sleeve issues, in regards to the increases. Apparently the desired length is reached before the required number of increases is completed. And the sleeve is apparently narrower than other Dale of Norway patterns. Slight anxieties await me in these regards. I may stall by working on the neck and front border.

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