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Tuesday, August 17, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Bowie loves cat nip (Mick does not indulge). However, this is not his usual cat drug of choice. It is a braid of dried lavender. He decided to make a nest of the home spun yarn and nuzzled it a bit too zealously. So I gave Bowie this newest toy to play with instead as I have two large lavender plants and plan to sow the seeds to see if I can get a large bed of lavender next year. I wonder sometimes why I buy pet store toys when the boys find their own amusements.

Here are the Koigu KPPPM skeins for a Charlotte’s Web although I have not made a final decision to use them. The Koigu Kersti leaf shawl is plugging along. I am frogging less. There was an error in the pattern on line 29 about where to start the repeat. The “*” was in the wrong place. Right now I have 2 extra stitches to account for before continuing. I am on row 46.I am still looking for a couple other colors I am interested in for Charlotte’s Web. The color scheme I want is a Monet watercolor with pinks as the anchor. I would like to have more pastel greens, blues and lavenders in the colors. From left to right the colors are: P207, P200, P534, P200 (a different dye lot without any blues), & P105.
I had planted two white butterfly bushes in my front yard. Now there are three white and two purple bushes! That happens frequently with white flowers. Twelve years ago, this bed was entirely white. The columbines, spider cleomes, ground cover and various other flowers have seeded or reproduce into lavenders, pinks and purples. Instead of moving these out as I used to do, I am living with Mother Nature’s intentions.

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