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Thursday, August 05, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Here is a list of topics I will be blogging about this week:
• My trip to Sheep Fest! – see Monday, August 2nd
• My first drop spindle experience! – see Tuesday, August 3rd
• New tattoos (Mark & me) – see Wednesday, August 4th for Marks; mine are yet to come.
• Making stitch holders – today!
• And what I have been knitting and spinning! –today & more to come tomorrow.

Last night I went to my first “Stitch & Bitch” at the Cranberry Twp. Barnes & Noble. While there was just Lisa & myself, this is the first time in four years I have knit with a companion (I always knit in public though). Lisa has been knitting only two months and is doing great work and loves it. She is already multi-taking with three projects! A really pretty blue cat bed (ala the Stitch & Bitch book), a hot looking black poncho and an Eros scarf in the most beautiful whites and neutrals. It was a nice experience and I look forward to next month. I received a nice email from the organizer, Jane, who had a household emergency.

If you noticed missing comments, my Squack Box subscription is pending an updated credit card number. It should be restored on August 7th. Please send an email (at the side) if you are incline to say hello or comment.

This is the front of my R2 tank in paper. This is a very pretty color -- Alison is knitting with it and last night, Lisa said she picked up the same shade at our LYS. It is not quite pink and not quite lavender – that really describes it, doesn’t it?!

Also here are my first stitch markers. I am very pleased at how they turned out. I had a nice set of instructions (they are at home and goggling did not bring them up again). Other than beads, plyers and wire cutters, the other needed ingredient is something I think is called an “i-wire”. It looks like an extra long, thin straight pin.

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