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Wednesday, August 18, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I am pleased with the H.P. scarf – as you can see it is going to a child with the initials A.R. I have a second to knit. The pattern is simple enough, however, time consuming. My guess would be about 20 to 22 hours! I want to try to adapt the pattern to my knitting machine that sits in the attic unused. I need a table to anchor it to and do not have one, although Mark suggest the picnic table.

I completed 64 rows of my Leaf Shawl. It is all scrunchy and the pattern will not be distinct until it is blocked. Since the first frogging, I have used a stitch marker for the middle. For a pretty lacey Leaf Shawl, you should see Caren's success (take a look at her Charlotte's Web while you are there).

Last night I had a box of spinning goodies come via UPS (book, carders & a 2nd spindle). Tonight I hope to spin a little and give an update tomorrow on my goodies and progress. Additionally, I signed up for the Yahoo group of spinners. It is a very active community! More messages came than from the knit-along, Norge knits & Ingeborg Yahoo groups I belong to.

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