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Thursday, August 12, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

I totally forgot my camera at home today with a snap of the H.P. scarf and my Koigu KPPMC yarns for Charlotte’s Web.

I made the mistake of working on lace again while watching TV. I thought since it was the Teen Choice Awards, I could just listen and not watch---NOT. I frogged a bit, again. I am becoming an old hand. It makes me thankful that I choose a DK weight yarn for my first lace pattern rather than going straight to Charlottes Web, which will be more tedious. Speaking of which, I now have the pattern and enough yarn to make her, but am waiting to see if I can find skeins of two yarns I originally wanted: P404 and P136. I have nice substitutes but would like a larger selection.

Regarding the stitch markers that I made (see blog entry of August 5th), the on-line tutorial I used is not longer there! If you are interested in a copy (by Andrea of the Running with Scissors blog), I will mail you a hard-copy. Note to Karen, your copy is already in the mail! If I have time later, I will scan them and post them -- they are really nice directions.

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