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Thursday, August 19, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

Last night I washed wool twice in hot water with Dawn, then rinsed twice (my first time). There is still “vegetable matter” – hay or straw and what-nots. Carding should take it out. I wonder whether the amount of foreign matter is normal, a little or a lot. Only more experience with raw wool will tell.

This is my first hand spun yarn. Originally, I was going to make a book mark but now I am thinking of a distaff – a bracelet of sorts to hold unspun wool so it does not tangle in the spindle. Spinning terminology is coming along slowly with the help of several on-line articles and the book
Spindle Spinning from Novice to Expert

I will be out of the office until next Thursday although I will have computer access on Monday (hopefully I will have time to blog a bit). I am heading to Atlanta, Georgia for computer training at the CDC (and a bit of fun stuff on the side). Blog at ya next week!

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