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Tuesday, August 31, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

The new MagKnits is out today! Look for my pattern, Decon, shown above. Also, here are some of my pattern notes/photos to show the active experimentation it takes to put together a design using the deconstruction of a garment.

I picked up a cone of pinkish (hint of lavender) Lamb’s Pride sport yarn. It is the perfect gauge to make the Lacy Poncho for my niece, Bonnie. The swatch turned out perfect last night. Bonnie requested one to wear this fall to school – she teaches high school chemistry/biology and is pursuing her Master’s degree. Her wardrobe is very chic and I always laugh when we have purchased the same Ann Taylor or Banana Republic garment.

I found a copy of The Celtic Collection by Alice Starmore, first published in the U.S. in 1992. I shopped a half price bookstore at lunch and picked it up for less than $10! It has beautiful work and the photos are awesome. I also picked up the out-of-print book by Kirsten Cowan, Irresistible Knits – Sweaters for men, women & teens—again a bargain @ 7.98. That is why I go in every bookstore I see – finding older/out of print knitting books are like flea market treasures! It gives me a great lift if I am feeling down -- books can do that to me. (So can clothes, shoes, yarn...) I also went for “definitive guide to color palettes through the ages, Living Colors by Margaret Walch & Augustine Hope. It is a, “perennially popular guide to color for designers, artists, and color enthusiasts.”

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