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Friday, August 27, 2004  

Today’s Knitting News

This is the middle of the computer campus (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Druid Hills of Atlanta, GA) where I took my lunch break on Tuesday. It has a café, lots of picnic tables under trees, potted plants and even a water fountain! Many of the staff takes advantage of this area. I often wish we had outdoor seating at my office but PA weather is not as conducive to al fresco dining as it is here.

This is my washed (uncarded) wool. The colors are so varied from light and dark grays to browns and black and everything in-between.

Although I purchased a pretty wood spindle, I am still practicing on my cheapie CD. Last night (no photo) I tried spinning angora for the first time. I cannot wait to show you that yarn, it will make the prettiest sweater!!!

After several months of bad news (which I do not share here), there has been good news coming my way lately. Most exciting of which is a new car, courtesy of my workplace. I used a company car from 1987 to 1998 until my contract eliminated it. I purchased a Subaru and have loved it – it is now 6 years old with 75,000+ miles, in perfect condition inside and out and perfect running condition. Good-bye insurance, maintenance, and gasoline, inspection & registration bills.

But in the next week or so, I will welcome a 2005 Nissan Altima as part of my next four year package! So farewell my sweet, reliable first car (yes, I purchased my first ever car at the age of 36 yrs). Who knows, my next car purchase may be at retirement! I wrote all of my recent blessings on slips of paper in thanks of my good fortune.

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